t2x mod of the month

2007/09/01 - Better late then never: two years after its initial release, and two years after the UK edition gave a similar honour, Thief2X made 'mod of the month' in the October 2007 issue of PC Gamer US edition!

green energy art

2007/06/28 - contributed a small set of graphics for a kids game about renewable energy. At some time the game itself might become available to the public, until then this page is the only place to see the graphics.

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t2x body carry icons

2007/06/18 - A long overdue page is added about the body carry icons that were made as part of the T2X v1.1 patch. Also the texture page is updated with the patched textures and a truckload of textures that were already part of the 1.0 version but were never posted before.


2007/04/16 - albert, online delivery service of Albert Heijn grocery stores, Etos drugstores and Gall & Gall liquor stores, has undergone its major overhaul.

The site now features a new design and a fully accessible, ajax driven (when applicable) engine. Increasing ease of use, increasing accessibility for screen readers and search engine spiders. Read more about it here.