INTERMEDIAIR PUBLIEKE ZAKEN BANNERS is a HR/recruitment site specialized in the Dutch public sector.

Their "De Nieuwe Ambtenaar" ("the new civil servant") campaign was to inform the jobseeking public that being a civil servant is not a boring 9-to-5 job, and that it provides plenty of room to develop ones ambitions. Two sets of banners were created to convey this message.


The first set of banners directly linked into the acronym DNA by showing the gel electrophoresis of a human DNA sample. In the foreground a number of messages describing what a modern civil servant is / should be.

click here to view the full set of DNA banners


The second set of banners hooked into the non-9-to-5 mentality of the modern civil servant. An array of grey 9-to-5 clocks runs in the background while a new, three dimensional, full-color clock is active at all times.

click here to view the full set of 9-to-5 banners




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PANGAEAthe banners were commissioned by Pangaea Internet Marketing.