Thrust 2002 is a flash version of the classic game Thrust, which was in turn a version of Gravitar. In it a spaceship is to be navigated through underground tunnels in order to pick and tow a heavy sphere back into space.

Gravity games require a lot of skill by design, Gravitar was not a huge success in the arcades. Thrust upped the ante by attaching a counter weight to the spaceship, demanding an even higher level of skill of the player to complete a level succesfully.

So, when playing the game for the first time, don't get frustrated, your skill will increase eventually.


Thrust 2002 introduces a small additional challenge to the concept. In previous incarnations fuel tanks disappear when empty, to indicated to the player that there's nothing left. Thrust 2002 gives a visual indication of the amount of fuel present, and leaves the empty tanks standing. This leaves/creates an additional obstruction. The tanks can be blown up but that comes with a small penalty to the score.

Thrust 2002 features a limited set of levels, which are repeated when completed. In the old days this would result in superiour players being able to play the game endlessly. Thrust 2002 decreases the amount of fuel each rotation thus benefitting the player with the lowest fuel consumption.




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Z-TOADan earlier gravity game [unfinished]