albert 2.0

ALBERT 2.0 is the online delivery service of Albert Heijn grocerystores, Etos drugstores and Gall&Gall liquorstores.

after a succesful 5 years of service, the original site required an update on both technology and user interface. This to meet accessibility demands for the visibly impaired, to meet spiderability demands to enhance search engine coverage, and to provide advanced search- and browsing options within the site's catalog.


first phase of the upgrade was to rebuild the original site using modern web technologies. The original site relied heavily on html frames and javascript seriously hampering accessibility and spiderability. To meet the new requirements the site was rebuild into a single page site that supports browsers with script enabled as well as browsers with script disabled.

Within script enabled browsers our clientside application streamlines the user experience; requiring minimal communication between the client and the server, and updating in-page properties on the fly. Feedback from the server, either htmlcontent or pure data, is sent transparently using ajax whenever applicable.

With script disabled, clientside streamlining the experience/dataflow is not possible: larger amounts of data are requested, in turn resulting in a bigger serverload and bigger downloads. But in return, supporting non-scripted pages does fully disclose the content to screenreaders and search engine spiders.


the second phase of the upgrade replaces the original, strict hierachical, product catalog with an associative catalog, built using the Fredhopper Access Server. Each product is assigned a number of properties that in turn are used to filter the products to be displayed on the pages.

by adding modular, non-product page elements such as articles, recipes and adverts, the home pages, themed pages and catalog pages are smoothly interwoven into a single interface. Enticing customers to order products from related categories.


ajax, css, dhtml, javascript, jsp, xhtml


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