Sentinel Redux


Sentinel Redux is a flash version - work in progress - of the classic game The Sentinel.

Sentinel has a very abstract concept behind it. A small world, a chessboard with height differences, is filled with objects each object with its own energy. The player starts at the bottom and has to climb to the top in order to defeat The Sentinel.

However the player can not freely move around, the player can only beam itself from and to robots. Robots can be created out of energy and only on squares below eye level. However stacks of boulders can be created as well, on top of which a robot can be created.

Both boulders and robots cost energy to create, energy that can only be gathered by absorbing trees and other objects scattered around the world. Only objects placed on squares below eye level can be absorbed. By selectively absorbing energy and using it to build towers to overlook higher areas (offering new energy), the player slowly rises to the top.

The Sentinel slowly rotates and absorbs all high energy objects in its sight and scatters the energy in the form of trees all over the world. So to avoid being absorbed itself the player must keep out of the Sentinel's field of view while slowly climbing to the top.


The project is still a work in progress, and still lacks a lot of features: the Sentinel's absorbing action being one of the most essential missing features.

When work will continue on this project is at this time unknown.


The current version has a ridiculously small size of 11kb.




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