PsyQ Ganzenbord


PsyQ is a Dutch mental healthcare organisation that guides and supports people with light psychological problems. PsyQ offers a number of programs, each suited to address a specific disorder.


One of PsyQ's programs, the program for borderline psychosis, implements a modified version of the classic Game of the Goose board game. During the game the participants are quizzed on borderline psychosis specific topics. Each turn the player is asked a question, after he or she has anwered a short discussion follows involving all players.

PsyQ Ganzenbord is the online version of this game, developed to fit into PsyQ's online services, it allows the game to be played in a more annonymous form, and the game doesn't require the whole group to congregate at a single location anymore.


Technically ganzenbord clientside application consists of two parts:

  1. A javascript based chat application. This was developed by WBServices.
  2. A Flash application displaying the board, pieces and die. Developed by

Visually, the two are merged by overlaying the chat application on top of the flash whenever the quiz phase of the game is reached.
Technically however, the Flash object provides a small API that allows the javascript to initiate specific animations and/or phases, and be notified of the completion of each. Thus keeping clear lines of communication: Flash talks to Javascript, Javascript talks to Server.


To optimally implement PsyQ's request for a fully flexible board layout, the third dimension was introduced to the board.
This provided a way to easily increase or decrease the number of spaces and it also allowed the for a way to zoom in on specific pieces while still showing all of the other pieces. But above all, it gives a playful way of navigating the board.

The die is implemented in full 3d as well. Apart from a more realistic view of the -inherently three dimensional- die, it also allowed for a more realistic way of throwing the die:
The player draws/drags an arrow indicating the force and direction of the throw, and on release the die bounces within the view until its energy is dissipated.




PSYQvisit the PsyQ website.
PANGAEAthe game was commissioned by Pangaea Internet Marketing.
WBSERVICESdevelopers of the javascript clientside chat application, the backend and serverside code.