The 24/Safety Challenge is a corporate game for the promotion of safety within ProRail, a Dutch company in charge of the maintenance and management of all railways in the Netherlands.

The game consists of five rounds, the first four of which are played online. The fifth and final round was played face-to-face by the best players of the first rounds. Each round is based around a hypothetical incident affecting safety in and around the tracks. The players get a number of questions and gain points by answering them correctly, the faster they answer, the more point they earn. If a player isn't sure about an answer, they got one 'escape', a chance to pass a question to another player.


The online part of the challenge was setup using a single Flash hub that -depending on the date and time- allowed rounds to be loaded and played. Each round consists of an animation interleaved with questions. Most questions are multiple choice, customized question interfaces can be embedded within the animation.

All server communication was done via xml requests, the start and end of a question were timed both on the clientside and on the serverside, allowing the server to adjust for long ping times.




THE CHALLENGEView the online part of the challenge. The fifth round has been completed so only results can be viewed (requires a valid ProRail employee account).
bransoncompanyConcept, design and production of the challenge.
Mark PrinsServerside development.