kpn Cube


The KPN Cube is a graphical enhanced selection tree. The cube consists of 8 or 27 small cubes each cube representing a selectable option. The option in turn can represent a further choice, a branch, resulting in the selected cube to split up, or the choice can represent the end result, a leaf, simply causing an information panel to popup when selected.


The kpn cube has a custom 3D engine using the F33d library. Special care had to be taken to make sure the separate transformations of the parent and child cube match up exactly when splitting or joining again.

Data is retreived dynamically and -in part- preloaded allowing for immediate and smooth interaction while still allowing the server to track the choices made by the user.


2009 - 2010


TRY THE CUBEtry the cube in action
JustDesigners of the cube. Just commissioned to develop the cube.
Tam TamDevelopers of the xml backend.