When we move our eyes we expect the perspective of the perceived image to move as well. Because of this, classic, single perspective rendering algorithms are not very well suited for visualizing narrow spaces: using a wide angle field-of-view usually results in unrealistic perspective distortions near the edges of the image.


concept NL, the netherlands as a theme for research and design experiments, by Hans Cornellissen, successfully incorporates photorealistic computer visualisation in research into conceptual architectural design.

most of the CGI for this project was done by Simon van Vegten and Sanne van der Burgh and they encountered a typical 'narrow space' challenge: a stairway.

To create a less distorted image, the original plan was to render multiple perspectives of the stairway and 'photoshop' them together. Since this would be quite a laborious task, doing this automatically would be preferred; hence the development of FishThis!




TO&Idepartment of computer science and design of technology, faculty of architecture